Get To Know Me!

Hello! I’m Mariah! I’m overjoyed that your here! I’m a 24 year old dog mom to two small breed rescues (both non shedding and hypoallergenic) from Western Canada! With a passion for sewing and all things crafty! Welcome to my brand Mariah Argillaton!

Here’s my backstory! Ever since I can remember I’ve been in a creative family my mom was scrapbooking/crafting since I can remember and my dad has always been building or fixings all kinds of things! So I’ve always been very crafty and into creating things! When I was about 6/7 I was given an old sewing machine, which open a whole new world of crafts! My parents ended up putting me and my brother in a week long sewing workshop for kids in the summer and that’s when I fell in love with sewing! (and that's when my brother found out that he's not!) I also made YouTube tutorial videos when I was younger which is something I’m equally passionate about! (I’m just now starting back up with YouTube!)

Fast forward to 18 year old me! After high school I went on to university for Event Management. Which was fantastic! I loved planning events and getting everything ready and organized! After I was done university I started up my own business in events! But sadly a few years later the world took a turn no one could see coming and I couldn’t stay afloat and I lost my business and had to start over. So I needed to switch gears into a different path!

Creating this business has taken me about a year between working as a digital designers and working on my brand! My thought when creating this brand was how there is always room for more positivity and no one can ever have to much of it! Especially with everything going on in the world and us being online all the time, seeing the shaming and truly hurtful things people can say online. I wanted to make something that takes us away from that! So I created Mariah Argillaton as a way for me to share my passion and add some more positivity to the world! That’s why all my products have a uplifting, positive, or cute saying on them! The reason behind the “You Are” in front of many of the tags are because it’s truly coming from me to you! I believe you embody everything these tags have to tell you!

Well if you made it all the way to end of this THANK YOU! I truly from the bottom of my heart appreciate you coming here and reading this! I hope you have an absolute amazing day sending all my love and hugs!

Xo Mariah!